Moving sites

I’m going through the process of changing a site from a to a .com for someone. I have read the google advice Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Best practices when moving your site but has anyone gone through this process with a forum change, there is no way I am going to 301 them …

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Giant Panda

I showed you a picture of a Giant Panda a while back, I also took a few videos. Here’s one that I’ve uploaded onto google video, yahoo video and youtube as I wanted to see how they compare quality wise. Although the slowest to clear things through the system, I liked the Yahoo experience the …

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Playing the pipes

I’ve just been playing with Yahoo pipes, and have made my first pipe. Actually all I did was change the New York times feed with the guardian world one (this basically gets the headlines from the guardian and matches them with pictures from flickr) It looks like pipes could be a lot of fun, I …

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