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Hi ,

My name is Dean Ravenscroft.

Deano in Australia
Deano in Australia

I am a biologist who likes to travel and has a keen interest in websites. Recently I am concentrating my efforts on the last two of these.

With regards to Biology, I did my first degree (biology) with the open university, my masters (molecular biology) at the university of York, and my PhD (Molecular genetics and developmental biology) at the UEA, JIC and the Max Planck Cologne. I have also done post doctoral work (computational biology) at Cornell university in the US.

I love to travel; my next trip will be to Asia in May, I will be spending time in Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and India (amongst others). As I love food I am hopefully going to take some cooking courses in many of these countries; I will of course blog the results.

I have lived for over a year in four different countries: England (my country of birth); Germany (Cologne); USA (Ithaca); and Turkey (Mavisehir).

Be warned that this blog is likely to be very eclectic in nature 😀

I can be contacted at admin<at>deano<dot>de

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