A few pics from Vietnam

Hello my good people, as usual I’m a bit behind with my blog. I am currently in Palawan in the Philippines and have recently been to Vietnam, China, Borneo, Mainland Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa.

I will do a quick posts so that my readers (you know who you are) can see a few pics from my travels. I will start off with Vietnam.

I love Vietnam, the place is so lively, the people are friendly, the food is good and the scenery is beautiful.

Saigon Motorbikes
Saigon Motorbikes

The streets of Ho Chi Minh are pretty damn crazy; even walking on the pavement you risk your life if you don’t check what’s coming around the corner.

Vietnam New Year
Vietnam New Year

When I was in Saigon they were just preparing for the upcoming New Year (which I spent in China with my friend Shawna, see my next blog post).

Vetnam Kite Surfing
Vietnam Kite Surfing

After Saigon I the coast and stayed at a place called Mui Ne. The place is very popular with Kite surfers. I would have loved to give it a go but I screwed my back up snowboarding many a moon ago; looks tremendous fun though. When I was there I stayed right on the beach at a great little place called the Mui Ne Backpackers Resort. I ended up staying in Mui Ne for about a week, it really is a nice place to hang out.


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