Return of Bubbles, the BBC Clown from hell

I went to the BBC site this morning and I got a service not available message. My second thoughts were that the Conservatives have only been in power for two days, how did they manage to close down the BBC so soon. My third thoughts were that the BBC was being blocked in Thailand due to last nights troubles.

But what were my first thoughts? The clown! Everyone knows that clowns are evil, just ask anyone who has ever looked under their bed at night as a youngster; no you can’t bacause they never woke up the next morning. Everyone knows that clowns are from hell, and the BBC has proved it!

Bubbles the Clown BBC
Bubbles the Clown BBC

Just look at the picture, there is fire in the background of the Bubbles the Clown picture, the clown from test card hell. We’re doomed, doomed I tell you……

disclaimer: the clowns in Germany at Karneval are quite nice, they gave me beer.

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