Isaan Region of Thailand

I travelled from Bangkok to Vientiane in Laos in order to get a tourist visa. I went overland through the Isaan region of Thailand and visited a few of the major cities.

The Isaan region of Thailand is quite different from the Chiang mai region where I spent the last 5 months or so. The people look different (they are of Khmer and Laos ancestry), they have a lot of food specialties, the area is more agricultural, is much poorer, and there are not as many tourists to be seen; this usually means that as a westerner that I got greeted by massive smiles everywhere I went.

Here are a few pictures from the Isaan region of Thailand. Note, for some reason the pictures are not being displayed correctly, hover your mouse over the picture to read the captions and to see where the pictures were taken in Isaan, Thailand.

1. Khorat (Nahkon Ratchasima)

khorat street

Old town Khorat is surrounded by a moat

2. Khon Kaen

Many old VW vans are to be sen in this region, probably travelled overland down the old hippy trail, and still going strong.

God use of a VW van in Thailand

khon kaen

3. Nong Khai

View of the Mekong and Laos from Nong Khai

4. Phimai.

The Khmer temple at Phimai, close to Khorat, predates the ones at Angkor (post to come) by a hundred years.

Thai buses at Phimai

Entrance to Phimai wat

Khmer temple at Phimai

Phimai wat

Thailands largest banyan tree (Sai Ngan) is also locatedĀ  in Phimai.

Sai Ngan banyan tree


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