Top 10 Pink Floyd songs

Being a bit of a backpacker, I often get to revisit songs and groups that I have not listened to for a long time.

Recently on my way back from Burma to Chiang mai I listened to The Jam and Pink Floyd for the first time in a long while.

I could never do a personal top ten of my favourite songs as a lot depends on my mood and who I remember at the time. But I thought I’d try to do a top ten for Pink Floyd; even this was difficult, anyway in reverse order we have:

10 Comfortably numb

9  Eclipse

8. Pigs

7. Hey you

6. Sheep

5. Money

4. Time

3. Echoes

2. Shine on you crazy diamond

1. Wish you were here

Yeah I’ve left tonnes of songs out, I think outside the top two that my favorite 10 pink floyd songs could change very often; ¬†but I’m going for these today.

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