Those that plan

Just thought that I’d update you about my general travel plans up until Next Summer, for any of my friends who are in the area or fancy meeting up.

Tonight: to the river for Loi krathong; I will post pictures soon(ish).

Tomorrow: Burmese day.

Then, I will be in the Chiang mai area until mid-January.

Then, I’m heading overland to Ho chi minh city via Siam reap.

Next, I have a flight booked to KL for a couple of days (early-mid February).

From there, I’m going to Chengdu, China for a week to visit a friend.

Then back to KL (mid-late February).

Then I’m not sure, either going to go to Borneo (sabah) and the Philippines, then head to the UK and Turkey. Or maybe save Borneo and the Philippines for another trip and head back to Turkey for a few months.

June I’ll be in South Africa for the world cup.

So that is the general plan, as normal with my plans nothing is set in stone, so if anyone fancies a visit I can be pretty flexible about where I’ll be.


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