Living with the Elephants, Chang chang chang…

Being in Thailand Elephants seem to play a large part in my life, the Thai word for elephant is Chang. I drink far to much Chang beer, like to drool over the Chang girls, and live next to Wat Lam Chang. Even my friend in China has named herself Chang; though in Chinese it is the name of a ” mythical woman on the moon”.

Now it’s nice to look out of your window and view a temple.

Wat Lan Chang Chiang mai, Thailand
Wat Lam Chang Chiang mai, Thailand

However after a night out drinking the Chang and watching the football – which finishes quite late due to time differences – there are a few little drawbacks. Such as getting an early morning wake up call:

Wake up bell at Wat Lam Chang, Chiang mai
Wake up bell at Wat Lam Chang, Chiang mai

And on special occasions, which nearly always correspond to me having a late night out I get woken up by some Wat music. Which is pretty cool, but not to great after about two hours sleep.

Chang Temple Drum
Chang Temple Drum

Wat Lam Chang music group.


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