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Just been playing with google, here is an update of the countries I’ve visited at some point in my life.

visited 34 countries (15.1%)
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34 + 2, Hong Kong and Macau are not on the options list, I guess that they count them as part of China, but as my passport has visa stamps for them I’m counting them; so 36 countries.  I have not included countries where I have done stop overs, eg. 8 hours stuck twiddling my thumbs in Moscow airport is not enough to colour Russia red on the map!

I have lived long term (over one year) in four countries: UK; Germany; USA and Turkey. I have stayed medium term (six months) in New Zealand, and very soon Thailand as well.

As some one who likes to travel I think that this is pretty naff, so I guess I’ll have to do something about it!

Upcoming new countries in my plans are Myanmar (Burma) just on a day trip for a visa run ( I’m still a little morally undecided about this one; though the area that I will go to to update my visa is pretty autonomous though). Next two countries are going to be China (to see my friend the Coloradan) and South Africa for the FIFA world cup finals.


5 thoughts on “Places I’ve been”

  1. Doesn’t seem fair that popping across to Toronto for the day could net you more red than visiting 15 or so European countries. Do you have something against Switzerland, by the way?

  2. Yeah, a day trip to St Petersburg from Scandanavia or Sichuan from Hong kong would colour a third of that map in.

    Never been to Toronto myself, but have been to Ottawa a few times. As I drove up from Ithaca I guess I have probably seen less than a hundred miles of Canada; and most of that was motorway! Still I’m guessing that is how the rest of Canada looks too 😉

    Switzerland, guess it’s somewhere I always seem to fly over to get to other places!

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