Three nights in Siam Square bangkok

Well if one night in Bangkok makes an hard man humble, then what the hell does staying three days there do to one?

I’ve always liked Bangkok, it is so bustling and full of life. Plus all the girls like to wear short skirts despite there being a very large number of escalators in town! Ah, got to love the place!

Bangkok is so much cleaner than last time I was there, they now have an underground and a rapid transport system in place, and although the place is still full of cars these measures have definitely made a big difference.

I caught a couple of flicks whilst in Bangkok, Terminator 4 (very average film) and Up! I saw up! in 3D, I’d never seen a film in 3D before, it was awesome, and the film up! was very very good to, though I’m not really sure it’s that geared to kids (though they’ll love it) it seemed very adult in a lot of its themes.

Siam Square Bangkok
Siam Square Bangkok

I stayed in the Siam square area of Bangkok, as this has great links for the BTS and the shopping centres are nearby too. First visit stayed at the A-one inn 700 baht a night, second time at the Muangphol Mansion; both were ok, twice the price as similar places outside of the city though. I think it is worth paying the extra 100 baht to stay at the Muangphol though.

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  1. HI Deano, sounds like you are having a great time, we are tossing up between Bali and Thailand, not been to Bali before but we missed out on seeing Chang Mai so in a quandry, keep on having fun

  2. Hi Carole,

    depends what you want I guess, relax in Bali or do cultural things in Chiang Mai. When I went to Bali for a week I ended up staying for 5! But I really love Northern Thailand; I will blog some pics and stuff on my next few posts, probably within the next few days.


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