Phuket in June

After a month in Malaysia getting drunk and eating good food it was time to go to Thailand and get drunk and er…. eat good food! Oh well, it’s a hard life but I guess that someone has to do this sort of stuff.

I was last in Phuket in 1998, so it was pretty interesting to see if things had changed. I first stayed in a budget place, the Tharvorn hotel, in Phuket town, where I had stayed before; that place had definately not changed one little bit,not even a spot of paint! I just stayed overnight for nostalgic needs then headed to Karen / Kata.

Now this had changed, the low cost bungalows that I had previously stayed at were now a five star all inclusive place, and the budget accommodation was at the top of a hill, not too steep but far too hot for that hill walking sort of stuff.

So off I went to the main resort of Patpong, this place is full of Aussies, cover band places and er… seed. Anyway I stayed here for a few days, it was my birthday after all and it is always fun to hang out with aussies.

Apparantly it is their winter so Phuket is popular at this time of year, most Europeans come in the winter. I guess that as Phuket in June is the start of the rainy season that January is a better time to go; that said it only rained for a couple of the days I was there.

As it was my birthday I did a bit of shopping for myself and a bit of drinking for myself too!

Phuket town
Phuket town

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