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As many people know I have been living in the Didim area of Turkey for the last year and a half. It has the benefits of being a beautiful place to live, having great weather and being a very cheap place to live. This has been great for me as I have been setting up my business over the last year or so; as I work online it doesn’t really matter what country I live in. And there is no point struggling with money, when I can have a very good standard of living here for about 100 bucks a week.

Mavisehir Didim turkey
Mavisehir Didim turkey

I am off travelling again soon (England; Malaysia; Maybe Indonesia: Thailand; Laos; Cambodia; Vietnam; Hong Kong; India; and Maybe Nepal) and am not sure if I will return back to turkey. I am thinking of perhaps living in Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, or maybe even moving back to the UK after I finish my travels. Anyway being a bit of a lazy blogger, and a after a while you start to take things for granted I have not posted much about some of the fantastic places in the South Aegean area. These include Ephesus (The Roman capital city of Asia minor), Bodrum (the Mauseleum) and the Greek island of Kos (where I need to nip to every three months to renew my visa).

Over the next few days I’ll post about these three major attractions of the didim area and include lots of pictures.


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