On where to repair ipod touch screen | AKA Apples don’t bounce on marble

I was never a fan of Apple’s ipod as MP3 players from Creative, Rio etc always seemed to give better sound and better value, but when the ipod touch came out a couple of years back, I just had to have one 🙂

Since then I can say I have had tonnes of use out of it, and even if it stopped working today then I’d still have had good value for money out of it and would recommend buying one to anyone.

When I was buying it, there was a test going around on youtube showing how tough the screen is (sorry can’t show the video as youtube is banned here in Turkey, making it really hard to search out). Basically they tried to scrape the screen with a pin, and the screen didn’t get damaged. Nice test, but not as good as my drop your ipod touch on some marble steps technique; the results of which are shown below.

Broken ipod touch screen
Broken ipod touch screen

As you can see after a drop on marble (or probably quite a few over time (I have the worlds cheapest and naftist mobile phone for a reason!)), the screen has a lovely crack in it, about 3 inches long and connecting the side to the bottom.

Does the ipod touch still work with a cracked screen? Yes 🙂

How long will it last for? No idea, but I’m hoping that it sees out my reamaing two months in Turkey. Maybe I can get it fixed when I’m in the UK; but I’m pretty sure if I can’t get it fixed by the time I am in Borneo, then the humidity will kill it.

As I will be in Manchester/ London in May, does anyone know any places that fit new screens (is it even possible/cost effectictive to have new screens fitted). I will be in Kuala Lumpa towards the end of May; maybe that would be a better place for getting it repaired. Again any ideas of where to repair ipod touch screen and the cost would be very welcome.


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