How tall is Tom Cruise?

I quite like browsing through the results of keyword research. I often see things searched tonnes of times that are unrelated to what I am looking for. For example the phrase how tall is tom cruise is searched for 917 times per day on average; I wonder why his height is so important?

Anyway for those who are dying to know the answer: Tom Cruise is five foot seven (1.7 Metres). What?  you want more information, OK he was born in Syracuse in 1962, and his first film role was in Endless love.

Mmh, i might do a series of popular search results. Here’s another one: ‘ how to tell if a guy is attracted to you?’ 3014 people search for that term every day. What is the answer to that one? Of course he is, he’s male 🙂 Now if you ask if he likes you or loves you, well then that is a totally different question!

You want more, search facts? Maybe I will do a series 🙂


As I write the domain name howtallistomcruise<dot>com is available

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