Up up away, in my beautiful balloon

The problem with the internet is that it makes it to easy to find information on cool things to do. I found out about the OzBus (London to Sydney in 3 months or so) and have put it on my list for when I have $7600 usd to spare (no time soon 😉

Anyway I digress, what I found today was that you can go on Zeppelin flights in the lake constance area,how cool is that? And at only 355euros it’s a damn site cheaper than the ozbus! Though at only an hour the trip doesn’t really last quite as long.

I have been up in an hot air ballon in the past (went up on a giant koala, Atherton tablelands, Australia) but going up in a Zeppelin will be awesome. Reckon i’ll do it next Spring 🙂

Koala Hot air balloon, Australia

Koala hot air Balloon, Australia

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