Turkey Update

Well I’ve been living in Turkey for the last two months so I thought it’s about time to put some pics up.

I’m staying on the Aegean in a small place called Mavisehir about half way between Soke and Bodrum.

Mavisehir Of course in sunny places its always important to take some pictures of boats, I’ve ringed my latest abode.turkish boats Here’s where I normally go for my lunch, Its about half an hours walk from where I live, so it!s nice to get some sun and away from the keyboard for an hour or two.
lunch spot And here’s a Shawna shoe shot looking out from Mavisehir, due to the haze you can’t see it very well but there is a Greek Island to the left of the boat.

shoe shot

And I like the place so much I have even made a site about Mavisehir 🙂

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