There’s a moose loose about this house

I had a great time in Sweden, where I stayed with my friends Anna (who I used to work with in Germany), and her new husband Ben. They live on an island that’s part of Stockholm, about an hour away from the centre by ferry and bus. Their house is a really nice wooden house with a beautiful view over towards Vaxholm.

It had a nice wooden fire for that cosy feel. Anna loves to cook and I got to sample moose stew, which was very very nice, as were the Swedish meatballs and Saffron bread 🙂

I ventured into Stockholm proper a few times, including an assault by boat with Anna, which is a great way to enter the city.

Stockholm is a really cool city. After all, it has a dedicated Tin Tin shop, how could it not be?

Like I said, I really enjoyed my time there, it is a really beautiful place, if i ever get enough money I could happily live my summers there, it’s a shame about the winters though, they put me off from doing a postdoc there!

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