The Holloways, CSS, Tilly and the Wall – Cologne

Due to a few important things, I’ve not had much chance to update my blog from my trip to Greece/Germany/Holland.

So here’s a little bit more, still on day one of my trip. After landing in Cologne, I went round to Sandra and Jochen’s, had a quick bite to eat, then we met up with Ollie. We then went to gebaude 9 on the other side of the Rhine to watch the Holloways, Tilly and the Wall, and CSS.

I was mainly there for the Holloways, I’m going through a bit of a Ska phrase at the moment and they are just what the doctor ordered after a long trip from the US of A. By the time they came on I’d been awake for 32 hours, but a few beers and some fast guitar soon had me buzzing. Here’s a pic from the holloways set.

the holloways

Next up were Tilly and the Wall, this group are from Omaha, and they play very flowery music, the rhythm section is done by a girl tapdancing; need I say more.

tilly and the wall

The final band were CSS, (lets make love, listen to death from above) a cool band from Brazil. The band is mainly female and make the Arctic Monkeys look old. Everyone was dancing happily away, but at this stage I was pretty beat and was swaying to the music 🙂


Overall a most pleasant night was had by all 🙂

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