Slovakia – Beer and ducks

I had a couple of days in Kosice; the second largest city in Slovakia. The city is really pretty and has a very calm feel to it.

Kosice city centre
The streets look pretty deserted making you wonder where all the people are. When you decide to go for a meal you quickly find out; all the Slovaks are inside eating and drinking, and with beer at 55 pence a pint and tasting fantastic who can blame them?

I had a great meal here too, duck in cranberry sauce with mashed potatoes, lovely and about 4 pounds:)

The Kosice centre is dominated by Saint Elizabeth’s cathedral, here are a few pictures.

Kosice fountain cathederal
St Elizabeth's Cathederal
As with Bratislava, which I visited about 6 or 7 years ago the centre of the city is preserved but it has a background of communist era buildings where most of the population live.

Kosice commumnist houses
Next day I got the train to Miskolc in Hungary; I was impressed that the Slovakian trains run a similar system to that of the UK. It was 20% cheaper to get a return ticket than a single, and when I turned up, there was no train, the departure board said autobus, now it would be bad enough trying to find where the bus was in English, but no one seemed to speak English, so I had to resort to German, which would be ok, but they seemed to speak even worse German than me, which is quite impressive in itself.

I eventually found the bus and it took me on a 40 minute ride, crossing over the border to meet up with the train in Hungary. It was interesting driving straight passed the old border posts, which are now unmanned as both Hungary and Slovakia are now in the EU and part of the schengen nations.

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