Rocko Dorsey – Endive Castaways March 2007

We had a swell night out watching people play guitars last night (Swell time, that’s such a great American phrase). I’m sure Liz’ll give a full review, so I’ll just put a few pics up for now. I’ll put the rest of the pics up on my yahoo site.

First up were Rocko Dorsey. I saw them play last year and I really enjoyed them, but they have really progressed since then. I feel they were at least twice as good as last time, and like I said I really enjoyed them the first time.

Here’s a picture of the girls all looking ever so pretty 🙂

Next were Endive, doing their CD release.

And a low quality video of them to finish things off; I really need a bigger memory card for my camera, and maybe if I didn’t stand next to the speaker it would help 🙂

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