John Lennon is my guardian

John looked after my bags last night.

So i was flying from John Lennon airport (motto ‘above us only sky’) to Pope John paul II airport. No prizes for guessing where these two airports are!

Anyway due to train bus connecxtions i had to do an overnighter at the john lennon airport, so i dossed down on the second floor (Cavern suite) by a statue of Lennon who watched over my bags as I slept; what a top fella.

I wondereed as i lay there (being interupted from sleep every 20 mins with a warning not to park my car outside or it will be clamped), why it was not called the beatles airport; seems a bit unfair on the other beatles; maybe they needed the slogan. The beatles wrote a song called flying, or how about the Paul McCartney wings airport; or George’s here comes the sun airport. As for Ringo well maybe he’d be better having a dock named after him for his yellow submarine.

Anyway, greetings from Poland, while i’m here i’ll mainly be eating cabbage!

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