It’s always better on Holiday

Other than a few day trips to Greece I have not had a good holiday since last May, when I visited Eastern Europe. Yesterday I did something about that 🙂

I have booked a flight from London to Kuala Lumpa in the middle of May. I will spend about 5 days there, then I have a flight booked to Borneo, where I will spend three weeks. Then back to mainland Malaysia.

I also booked a flight from Malaysia to India for September. I plan to spend about three months backpacking SE Asia. I want to check out a few places including Angkor Wat, Chiang Mai and Laos. My friend has just got a job in Hong Kong, so I am hoping to nip there for a while. Should be fun; anyone in the area who knows me and is in the area, then shoot me an email 😀

On to other things the day started with Man City failing ion their 100 million pound bid for Kaka. It would have been nice if he came, but if his heart is not in it, then I’d rather he stayed at Milan; wouldn’t surprise me if that twat Beckham didn’t have a word in his ear.

I watched Obama become president, which I think / hope will be a good thing. But a few things did pop into my head during the proceedings.

1. Why did Aretha Franklin sing a strange version of God save the queen

2. What has Obama got against Buddhists; He mentioned Muslims, Christians, Hindu and Jew, and none-believers too, but not Buddhists. I think it may be for better relationships with China that he didn’t mention them in his speech.

3. Political correct quintet: managed to have a black (I’m English; correct non-racial use of the word in England, where all people are English and not African-English), an Asian, and a woman out of the five.

4. What were they playing? Some sort of dull version of Lord of the dance.

5. Is it right in a country that has ‘happy holidays’ and no time off for Easter holidays as they want to be non-religious to start the presidential inauguration with a long Christian preach; what about all the American Muslims and Jews (not the Buddhists, obviously)?

None of these are meant to be over critical, it was just some thoughts as I watched it, maybe some of my American friends can answer them.

That said I quite enjoyed the ceremony, as it was short and to the point, and I liked to see the smiles on Biden as he was being sworn in. I enjoyed Obama’s speech, oh, Brave new world 🙂


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