Going to Greece

I booked my trip to Wim and Maria’s wedding the other day.
It’ll be cool, though it could be a dangerous mission!
Apparently Maria is going to fix me up with some Greek goddess, and Wim says that getting married in a Greek orthodox church is a matter of movements and not what you say. So you could be sat next to someone and come out of the church married to them because you stretched your arms at just the wrong moment.

I’ve made another yahoo pipe, this time it grabs the content from the deano.de atom feed, does a keyword content analysis, then blasts against Flickr.

My trip to Saloniki will also contain a few days in Cologne, quite amazing how it costs nearly half the price to fly to Greece if I have a stopover in a different country. Yet the journey involves more flights and is further in distance.
Should be fun to see both places, and seeing the smile on Maria’s face will make the trip to Greece worthwhile.

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