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Well it’s that time of year again when the list of the richest football teams is released. Surprisingly Chelski aren’t at the top despite spending as much on players in the last year as the income of some of the teams in the top ten. This is because they just go off income from sales, business etc and not that you have a billionaire Russian oil billionaire as your owner.

Anyway, Madrid at the top, United slipped a few places, probably due to stadium reconstruction but the main news……… Man city, the team that no one else outside of the North West of England has heard of have, made the top 20 richest teams (number 17) for the third time in a row; this is amazing as we can hardly say to be successful over the last thirty years. It’s a long time since we won the European cup winners cup or even the league. Amazingly every year the board says we have no money for new players and yet every year we’re in the top 20 highest earning clubs WTF….

List of World’s richest clubs 1 Real Madrid 292.2 million euros 2 Barcelona 259.1 3 Juventus 251.2 4 Manchester United 242.6 5 AC Milan 238.7 6 Chelsea 221.0 7 Inter Milan 206.6 8 Bayern Munich 204.7 9 Arsenal 192.4 10 Liverpool 176.0 11 Olympique Lyon 127.7 12 AS Roma 127.0 13 Newcastle United 124.3 14 Schalke 04 122.9 15 Tottenham Hotspur 107.2 16 Hamburg SV 101.8 17 Manchester City 89.4 18 Rangers 88.5 19 West Ham United 86.9 20 Benfica 85.1

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