Back in Turkey

Well I had myself a nice little trip over the last three weeks, visiting 8 countries, and catching up with lots of friends.

? will blog about each country separately, but will give a quick summary of places visited and transport costs here.

England (flight Bodrum to Manchester 73 pounds)
Poland (flight Liverpool to Krakow 49 pounds)
Slovakia (train Krakow to Kosice 22 ponds)
Hungary (train Kosice to Miskolc 16 pounds, to tokaj 5 pounds, to Eger 5 pounds, to Budapest 18 pounds, to Keckskemet 8 pounds, to Seged 6 pounds)
Serbia (train to Subotica 1.5 pounds, train to Belgrade 7 pounds)
Romania (train, sleeper to Bucharest 48 pounds, 17 hours)
Bulgaria (train, sleeper to Sofia 37 pounds, 10 hours)
Turkey (coach to ?stanbul 20 pounds, 10 hours, Train sleeper to Denizii 30 pounds, bus to Aydin, Soke, mavisehir 10 pounds)

total cost including lots of fun…. priceless 🙂


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