Back in the UK

Well after living in Turkey for the last 5 months I’m finally back in the UK. But don’t worry I’ll only be here for a week, and have a flight to Poland booked next Sunday 🙂

I’d like to offer congratulations to my friend Anna who has just had a beautiful daughter, and remained chilled out through the birth by having her husband Ben read her the little book of calm to her whilst in labour 🙂 Baby Luzie has her own blog; kids nowadays are just so internet savvy!

I’m quite looking forward to going to Poland, I’ve never been before and I always try to get to two new countries a year. I have had many a drink with Polish people though and I truly admire their vodka drinking skills.

After this i’m gonna nip to Hungary to meet up with my friend Dorika and eat Goulash and drink unicum or something like that 🙂

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