A pagan place

After two years in the USA I have returned to Europe. I have spent the last few weeks catching up with old friends in the UK and Sweden and am currently in Istanbul.

I got back to England just in time for bonfire night, it’s nice to get back to some good old burning of effigies 🙂

I then got to catch up with my beloved Manchester city; we played just as bad as I remember us playing, the difference is that instead of losing in the last minute like we used to, we seem to be sneaking the wins nowadays, and are still in third place 🙂

Next I went down to Norwich, where it seems that everyone had a baby to show me; guess people have been busy in the last couple of years! I then moved onto London for a few days.

Big thanks to Dora, Rich and Josie for putting me up during my time down south.

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