Another S in my cap

Another S in my cap

Well, it was an hassle free trip to England. But I have now gone up a level in the security reckoning; not content with making me and Liz a SSSS for our flight to NYC, and subsequent entrance into the empire state buiding, I had my fingerprints taken by homeland security to leave the country!

This is a new regulation; I didn’t have to go through it when I visited Europe in May. Seems just like a load of paperwork to me, but nontheless the people of America can rest peacefully at night knowing that I’m out of the country for a few weeks.

As soon as I landed I got my Dad to drive me to the city of Manchester stadium, and I managed to pick up a ticket for the game against Bolton tomorrow 🙂 cost was £26, not that bad I suppose as I only seem to go to one game a year nowadays!

It’s foggy as hell outside, not as bad as in Landon. It did enable me to take a strange picture on my camera though, with the flash lighting up the water droplits in the air.

Telephone box in the fog.

And as I’ve not shown one yet, here’s a picture of my new home in Ithaca.

(I have the bottom floor)

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