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Tip of my hat to Glaxo

It is not often that I give praise to a drug company, but I will today. Glaxo Welcome Smith Kline (lot’s of merging in the drugs industry) has announced that it is making their database of 13,500 chemicals that have been shown to act against the plasmodium parasite (which causes malaria) publicly available. It is […]

Gunung Gading National Park, Borneo

It is somewhat of a trek to get to Gunung Gading national park on a day trip. First you need to either get a taxi or bus to the express bus terminal on the edge of town; the taxi will cost 15 to 20 MYR whilst the bus costs 1 MYR, I chose the bus […]

Back in the UK

Well after living in Turkey for the last 5 months I’m finally back in the UK. But don’t worry I’ll only be here for a week, and have a flight to Poland booked next Sunday I’d like to offer congratulations to my friend Anna who has just had a beautiful daughter, and remained chilled out […]

A pagan place

After two years in the USA I have returned to Europe. I have spent the last few weeks catching up with old friends in the UK and Sweden and am currently in Istanbul. I got back to England just in time for bonfire night, it’s nice to get back to some good old burning of […]