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Blind horses

I’ve no idea what they do for fun at the Cornell vet school, but whatever it is they want to make sure that the horses don’t get to see it! Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Smash the USA (and other pictures)

I always enjoy looking at the BBC and Guardian pictures of the day. I think that the Guardian normally has the better ones. I particularly liked these two today. The first one is to mark world environment day The second is a picture taken in North Korea, showing that they think as much about the […]

Rocko Dorsey and the individuals at the Haunt, Ithaca

I saw Rocko Dorsey and the individuals at the haunt last night with Liz, Katie and some of their friends. Here’s a video of Rocko Dorsey (I moved back a bit so that I’d get better sound, but now the picture quality is a bit naff. And some pics of the girls looking as gorgeous […]

Tax return time

OK, Its time to do my tax returns. They seem to cover a lot more things in the USA than in the UK. For example take a look at this from page 88! Stolen property. If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it, […]