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Phnom Penh Revisited

The last time I was in Phnom penh was back in 1998 when I was travelling with Ch my friends Chris and Danny on my first backpacking trip. When we got into town we were under orders to report in at the British embassy; which was located a few blocks out of town on an […]

Roaming Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

I’ve got a little behind reporting my European trip, so thought I’d finish it up quickly as there have been a few things I’d like to have blogged about recently such as: The only Palin that should go near the white house is Michael (given that he didn’t leave his country for the first time […]

All serbed out

I got a super little train into Serbia, it was pretty expensive though at well over a pound. As we approached the border, the customs people got on, went through all my stuff (not very thoroughly) and stamped my passport. This was strange as up to now I had not even shown my passport never […]

Wet and Hungary

I should have written this post a while back but as I wanted to put a video clip up, and as Youtube is banned out here at the moment I kept putting it off. Anyway I’ll make do without the video; what was the video about? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, […]