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A few pics from Vietnam

Hello my good people, as usual I’m a bit behind with my blog. I am currently in Palawan in the Philippines and have recently been to Vietnam, China, Borneo, Mainland Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa. I will do a quick posts so that my readers (you know who you are) can see a few pics […]

Living costs in Thailand

As I make my living online and spend my time travelling I tend to move around like I’m dancing the tango (slow slow quick quick slow). I tend to travel to a lot of places in a couple of months (last time was Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Malaysia) and then spend a few months at […]

Going to Thailand?

I recommend any one going to Thailand to read this post on first time advice for visitors to Thailand by Chris from My Egg Noodles. There is some excellent advice given, not too sure about the suitcase, I prefer a backpack (I’ve stayed at many places without lifts, also most cities in Thailand have large […]

Phnom Penh Revisited

The last time I was in Phnom penh was back in 1998 when I was travelling with Ch my friends Chris and Danny on my first backpacking trip. When we got into town we were under orders to report in at the British embassy; which was located a few blocks out of town on an […]