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Cycle Touring Through Cambodia

The Cambodian leg of my SE Asia cycle tour would prove to be a stop-start affair; with prolonged stops because of sicknesses and injuries. Leaving Phu Quoc I cycled across the island to the ‘Superdong’ ferry point (that will never fail to be hilarious), took about 50 minutes for 15 km or so. Very pleasant […]

Cycle Touring SE Asia

Those that Bike: Cycle touring through SE Asia for Adventure and Weight-loss As most people who know me know, I have a little bit of a weight problem at the moment. I guess over the years I’ve added a kilogram or so a year on average, and even in good periods when I am maintaining […]

A return to Bako, and a return to photography

As many of you who have previously read my blog will know, I have a soft spot for Borneo. It therefore gave me great pleasure when my nephew Dan (of fame) told me that he would like to carry out the final project for his masters in biological photography at Bako national park, and […]

Today’s Workplace – Nam Khai Cafe – Mui Ne – Vietnam

Starting the day with a cheese baguette, black coffee and a listen to Dan and Ian’s podcast. Next will be some Joomla……… Loving the feel of Mui Ne. Deano Bookmark to: Hide Sites