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Fish Massage

Fish Massage In KL there are a few places that offer fish massage; this involves sticking your feet into a fish tank containing sucking / cleaning fish. I thought that I’d give it a try at the fish massage place in KL’s central market. The cost was 5RM (£0.95, US$1.5) for ten minutes. When you […]

How long is the great wall of China?

The second in my series of Popular Searches is How long is the great wall of china This term is searched for on average of 1001 times a day. The URL’s howlongisthegreatwallofchina .net, and .org are available. Though someone has the .com it is parked. this means that if someone has  a little spare […]

How tall is Tom Cruise?

I quite like browsing through the results of keyword research. I often see things searched tonnes of times that are unrelated to what I am looking for. For example the phrase how tall is tom cruise is searched for 917 times per day on average; I wonder why his height is so important? Anyway for […]