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The Daily Grind and a New Direction

As with New Year, I use my Birthday – which is happily situated in the middle of the year – as a time to reflect on things past, and things future: What have I achieved? How is my health? Where have I been? Where will I go? Am I happy? Those and more besides, I’m […]

Life Style Business Travel Chiang Mai Style

I am a big fan of Dan and Ian’s Lifestyle Business Podcasts, and one of their recent topics was on the subject of  ‘the ideal place to live and work’; Dan is very keen on the idea of living in Bali, and good luck to him, it is a great little island. Despite living for […]

Thai True Mobile Phone Network Plans

This is just a quick post aimed at those using mobile phones in Thailand. Unless you are fluent in Thai script it is difficult to understand the many different payment packages that are available, and talking to the sales people is a bit like banging your head against a brick wall. Anyway when I was […]

New Year In China Part two

For some reason wordpress decided to only publish half of my last blog post (I really do hate Content Management Systems). So here is a continuation of the post from Langzhong and Chengdu. I cannot be bothered to write it all again, other to say that I had a fantastic time in both places, and […]