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The Fratellis playing whistle for the choir and Flathead

The Fratellis Originally uploaded by beeez And more importantly the fact that you were into the stones when i was into the roses. I found this great live set from the virgin site: Click here flathead Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Rocko Dorsey and the individuals at the Haunt, Ithaca

I saw Rocko Dorsey and the individuals at the haunt last night with Liz, Katie and some of their friends. Here’s a video of Rocko Dorsey (I moved back a bit so that I’d get better sound, but now the picture quality is a bit naff. And some pics of the girls looking as gorgeous […]

The Holloways, CSS, Tilly and the Wall – Cologne

Due to a few important things, I’ve not had much chance to update my blog from my trip to Greece/Germany/Holland. So here’s a little bit more, still on day one of my trip. After landing in Cologne, I went round to Sandra and Jochen’s, had a quick bite to eat, then we met up with […]

She said the boy’s not right in the head

Well i might as well get my fratellis fixation out of the way. Here’s their flathead video. Many Americans will know the song from the Apple commercial, but might not realise who they were listening to; people from Europe will just know them anyway, and to my 3 visitors from China and 7 from Japan: […]