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Chiang mai

I spent about a week in Chiang Mai and enjoyed myself thoroughly. From 09 Although, due to my budget, I did not partake in most of the abundant tourist activities there such as stroking tigers, riding elephants and going on death slides I did go on a Thai cooking course. This cost 900 baht and […]

Africa Bound

I got an email from FIFA today telling me which of my world cup ticket applications were successful. I didn’t manage to get tickets to the world cup final itself, but I did manage to get tickets to four matches. Three in Cape town, and one in J’burg. I’m already looking forward to it. I’ve […]

Out of Africa

I’ve just applied for some World cup tickets; three in Cape Town and two in J’burg (including the final). Total cost if I get them all will be $960 (the final is $600). This may seem a lot of money; but I know from last time; when I applied for the world cup in Germany; […]

Elano – Free kick: Man city vs Newcastle

Well after putting up a previous post with a Barcelona goal, it is nice to post a goal from God’s own football club Manchester city. This is the first goal for the Brazilian Elano for Manchester City and it sealed a 3-1 win against Newcastle. What can I say, Elano is class, guess he’ll probably […]