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SE Asia Cycle Tour – Wrap-up

I wrote the posts for the first two countries I visited on my trip, covering the Mekong region of Vietnam and Cambodia, on a point-to-point basis. Although I feel the information in them is pretty useful for those cycling the region they took a long time to put together, and most of the information can be […]

Cycle Touring Through Cambodia

The Cambodian leg of my SE Asia cycle tour would prove to be a stop-start affair; with prolonged stops because of sicknesses and injuries. Leaving Phu Quoc I cycled across the island to the ‘Superdong’ ferry point (that will never fail to be hilarious), took about 50 minutes for 15 km or so. Very pleasant […]

Cycle Touring through Southern Vietnam

Mui Ne to Rach Gia (through the sand dunes and the Mekong Delta for Phu Quoc and Ha Tien) I described my main aims and bike set up in my last post: see here. Though I didn’t stick to my plans exactly, in the last week of my training month up in Mui Ne I […]

Cycle Touring SE Asia

Those that Bike: Cycle touring through SE Asia for Adventure and Weight-loss As most people who know me know, I have a little bit of a weight problem at the moment. I guess over the years I’ve added a kilogram or so a year on average, and even in good periods when I am maintaining […]