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A return to Bako, and a return to photography

As many of you who have previously read my blog will know, I have a soft spot for Borneo. It therefore gave me great pleasure when my nephew Dan (of fame) told me that he would like to carry out the final project for his masters in biological photography at Bako national park, and […]

Tip of my hat to Glaxo

It is not often that I give praise to a drug company, but I will today. Glaxo Welcome Smith Kline (lot’s of merging in the drugs industry) has announced that it is making their database of 13,500 chemicals that have been shown to act against the plasmodium parasite (which causes malaria) publicly available. It is […]

Places I’ve been

Just been playing with google, here is an update of the countries I’ve visited at some point in my life. visited 34 countries (15.1%) Create your own visited map of The World 34 + 2, Hong Kong and Macau are not on the options list, I guess that they count them as part of China, […]

Back in Kuching

Hoorah, I got to see me some Orang Utans! Bookmark to: Hide Sites